Track Your Own Tracks with Animal Footprint Shoes
By angelamontana

Posted: January 15, 2013

Have you ever been on a camping trip, and you wanted to freak out your friends and family, but you weren’t sure how to go about it?  Or have you been out hunting and wanted to cover your own tracks somehow, but weren’t sure how to to do it?  Well, how about starting with a pair of shoes?

bearshoesCanadian artist,  Maskull Lasserre, created these animal-print shoes, by modifying regular shoes, that leave tracks of various wild animals.

Although I can’t seem to find a place that actually sells them, the Laughing Squid website is where I found the examples of the series of shoes that this Canadian mastermind has created.

The bear and wolf shoes are certain to stir up some excitement around your campground!