Whitetail Deer Invades Junior High Classroom
By Kamp Cook

Posted: January 12, 2013

I would have never thought that a deer would someday understand that education is the key to getting out of the woods. A whitetail buck recently tried enrolling in junior high in Ohio.

According to outdoorhub.com

An Ohio junior high school received an unexpected visitor yesterday when a buck crashed through the window into a classroom. Teacher Erik Poggi said the deer jumped through one of the classroom windows, shattered it, and then slammed into a desk. The three quickly made their way out and locked the buck in, leaving it to run aimlessly around. In a fortunate turn of events, a teacher at the same school also happened to be a deer farmer. History teacher Dustin Goldie made a quick call to retrieve a tranquilizer gun, and shot the deer with a non-lethal dart from outside the classroom. When asked why the deer decided to enter the school, Goldie said, “in my opinion he was probably running around, saw his reflection in the window, thought it was another buck, decided to attack it and crashed through the window.”