By angelamontana

Posted: February 15, 2013

Hi, Angie from Bob Ward & Sons with the weekly BEST in the Butte & Bozeman areas:

Butte reports DELMOE fishing spectacularly, however, the road into the lake is in rough shape, & accessible mainly by snowmobile or 4-wheelers…the cutthroat there are taking white or chartreuse GloHooks tipped w/maggots.  Pink & White Nuclear Ants have been excellent jigs fished in 6-8 ft of water.  CLARK CANYON has been hot for Ling by going for them in the ahallows.  The Ling hit the shallow bays during their spawn & are drawn to aggressive jigging techniques.  Try cutting fresh Sucker meat into longer strips & saturate the meat in your favorite Lunker lotion scent.  Ling will often hit when the jig is moving up so be prepared to quickly take in slack & set the hook.  GEORGETOWN LAKE has been a little “off” this week, so you’ll have to throw a lot at them until you find the right combination.  Black jigs with yellow eyes & a Crawler was the LUCKY combo this week!  The BIG HOLE river is giving up a few whiteys to anglers pursuing them.  Green, red or black Whitefish Flies have been the right colors this week!

Skiing is hot as ever at DISCOVERY, so try it out!  Snow is expected today & tomorrow, making the weekend profitable skiing!  Don’t miss out!

Bozeman likes your chances on the GALLATIN this weekend, with good reports coming in from Big Sky all the way to Cameron Bridge….try stonefly nymphs or midges!  On the LOWER MADISON, midges have been sighted, & the fish are rising to feed…on days the wind is down, the risers are easy to find!  The YELLOWSTONE has had great response to Nymphing in the slower water with Rubberlegs & small Midges…try a Streamer retrieved really slowly, & get some of the BIG BAD boys moving in the water! The UPPER MADISON will close ABOVE MCATEE at the end of the month, so the next few weeks will be key to getting all you can out of the UPPER…take advantage!  On HYALITE, try the southwest shore about halfway down for best chances…the fish seem to still be somewhat small, but the big ones are lurking, & who doesn’t love a productive morning on HYALITE??

big_sky_resort1Snow enthusiasts are extolling the virtues of BIG SKY & MOONLIGHT, where snow has been steady this week…BRIDGER BOWL has a 52″ depth & solid skiing, & will be  the place to go this Presidents Day weekend…

It’s week 2 of our Progressive Sale, with 20% off most of the store, & you don’t want to miss the new reductions!  Step on in when you can take a break off the water or ice, & get your best deals!

Don’t miss my report next week for all the exciting haps on area waters, & I’ll talk to you then!

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