Butte/Bozeman Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons
By angelamontana

Posted: February 9, 2013

Hi, Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons, with the fish haps in the BUTTE & BOZEMAN areas this week!

Our intrepid BUTTE anglers are excited about the JEFFERSON RIVER, which was fishing great this past week near Hells Canyon.  The rainbows were hitting a size 5 Countdown Rapalla in orange & gold colors.  Howard Weaver from the Butte store says he took several casts with a Red/Brown San Juan & landed a few nice ‘bows…Whitefish flies are producing a few whiteys beneath the bar at Silver Star.  The RUBY RESERVOIR is good ice fishing on the north shore of the lake, however the catch has been mostly smaller rainbows.  Try using Rainbow Buck Shot, Rattlespoons & Zinc Blue Swedish Pimples.  CLARK CANYON has been giving up a few big ‘bows & browns in the channel off the NE end of the big island.  Sucker meat & Egg Sacs were the most promising bait.  Ling are biting on the sucker meat in the deeper water near the Dam.  GEORGETOWN LAKE is still giving up a few nice brookies as well as rainbow hybrids.  The anglers are mixing up between jigs, bait & scents to keep the fish interested.

Our staunch BOZEMAN anglers report that the UPPER MADISON RIVER is fishing well…try some dry fly fishing with midges in the pockets and around the bank…it seems starting late morning, there’s really good fishing spots around 3 Dollar and Raynolds.  The LOWER MADDY has some problems this week with wind, making it a challenge for dry flies…BUT they are pounding the crayfish with a midge dropper. YELLOWSTONE, if you can plan your trip during a calm overcast day,  you’ll have the most success!  Use stone fly and attractor nymphs…those are getting the fishes’ attention the best.  GALLATIN RIVER, unlike some of the other areas,  has been staying calmer…so try some dry flies, or dark colored streamers & focus on slower waters… strip your Streamers slowly along, to grab the fishes’ attention.  HYALITE has not been having good reports.  It seems the fish have been picky.

The snow is still great, even with the warm temps. The areas are not getting icy but are a little packed down. Every one continues to give all three places get huge thumbs up but Bridger had more snow fall last week giving it a base depth of 55 inches and has a bigger kudos than the other two locations.

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