Keep Your Man Hands Manly with ManHands Soap
By angelamontana

Posted: February 7, 2013

Are you manly man, and you’re tired of using that girly, fruit-scented soap that lingers for hours to come?  Well, have no fear!  There is a brand of soap called “ManHands”, sold on by Adam Anderson, that has a variety of scents for the men who don’t want that fufu smell while, and after, washing their hands.  Some of these scents are perfect for hunting camp!

Check out these original soap bar scents:

  • Fresh-cut grass
  • Bacon
  • Cash
  • Red wine
  • Bonfire
  • Brewed coffee
  • Baseball glove
  • Urinal mint (yes, really)
  • Christmas pine tree
  • Muscle rub
  • Cedar log cabin
  • Cannabis (…)
  • Beer
  • Margarita (might not be too manly?)
  • Nag champa
  • Republican (whatever that means)
  • Top soil
  • Obsession cologne (again…whatever that means)
  • Democrat
  • Buttered popcorn

558095_10151484108576948_1866048094_nThere is a scent for every man!  You don’t have to smell like a girl just because your hands are clean!

Check out their online store by clicking HERE.

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