First Montana Fly Fishing Report of the Year by Scott Anderson
By angelamontana

Posted: February 5, 2013

Warmer weather in Montana has got the fly fishers out on the river.  Temps have been pushing into the high 40”s and low 50”s.  I was out on the Thompson River yesterday.   I saw lots of midge activity.  The fish were taking pink worms of course.  I did get a few on hairs ears, golden stone nymphs, and rubber leg patterns.  The fly fishing is still slow, but it is good to be out on the river in the sun shine.

Montana Fishing Company will be doing a fly tying class in March, located in Thompson Falls.  The class will focus on fly tying for all four seasons of fly fishing in Montana.  If you are interested give us a call 406-210-0971.  Or visit us at

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(Above Report by Scott Anderson)