Trout With Pine Nuts – Wildlife Chef Vince Recipe
By Kelsey

Posted: February 22, 2013

What You Need:

Four pan size trout (large brook trout are particularly tasty)

Quarter pound butter or low cholesterol margarine

One lemon – quartered lengthwise

Salt and pepper to taste

Half cup pine nuts


What You Do:

In a large fry pan put five table spoons of butter and melt, adding fish that have been salt and peppered inside and out. Cook for about six minutes per side until fish is browned and flakes.

Keep reserved on a heated platter while you put remaining butter in a small pan and brown the pine nuts lightly. When browned squeeze one lemon wedge over the pine nuts and pour mixture over the fish and serve family style garnished with remaining lemon and fresh slices of sweet oranges.

Don’t for get the fresh biscuits as a side dish. This is a great way to start your day on a special occasion.


-Wildlife Chef Vince

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