Water Jet Pack – Take Trolling to a Whole New Level
By Kamp Cook

Posted: February 9, 2013

With “cabin fever” kicking in and Spring sneaking up on us soon, I cannot help but daydream about playing on the water this Summer. With any luck, Uncle Sam should cough up a small tax return, and I discovered a new toy that I would consider using the return for a down payment. Jet Lev is a jet pack that uses water to suspend you above the surface. Talk about an extreme way to troll for fish this year.

Granted it may seem a little ridiculous, but you have to admit it is pretty interesting.
According to JetLev Flyer

The JETLEV-FLYER employs a powerful 4-stroke engine and water nozzle reaction force to achieve stable, controlled flight. The unique design helps to make flight controls very simple, light and intuitive. It can accommodate pilots of 1,50 – 2,00 m in height and 40 – 150 kg in weight. A digital fly-by-wire system is used to control the throttle. For safety and performance we only use high quality materials and workmanship in manufacturing.

Check out the official video from JetLev-Flyer.