Things You Can Do with Antler Sheds
By angelamontana

Posted: March 22, 2013

Do you have a shed full of sheds?  And, I’m not referring to something like those Russian Matryoshka dolls that have dolls inside the dolls and more dolls inside those dolls.  I am talking antler sheds!

A post on suggests that if you have an abundance of antlers that you aren’t sure what to do with, you could get creative and turn your sheds into any of the following items:

  • Antler candle holder
  • Knife handle
  • Lamp base
  • Buttons
  • Cabinet and drawer pulls/knobs
  • Wall hooks
  • Black powder flask
  • Letter opener
  • Jewelry

Some other ideas, not listed above, are key chains, picture frames, bird feeders, cribbage boards and kitchen utensil handles.  If you have a nice moose paddle, you could use it as a decorative dish for your dining room table.  Painting and staining antlers can also enhance and/or change the appearance of the antlers.  You can match your room décor by doing this, too.

Also, if you have dogs, your pooch might love some antlers to chew on!  They are natural and safe, as long as you shave down the tips so that your dog doesn’t injure itself with sharp points.

As the article states, these ideas are probably just “scratching the surface” of what you can do with your sheds, but they can at least point you in a direction!

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