Butte/Bozeman Area Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 3.29.13
By angelamontana

Posted: March 29, 2013

Hello, Angie reporting in from BOZEMAN & BUTTE, with all the latest GREAT fishing in these two magnificent areas!

BUTTE is thinking the BIG HOLE RIVER ought to tickle your fancy this weekend, & they say try Chronomids in the sz 18-20 range, in colors of Grey, Black or Tan.  The same is very good medicine on the BEAVERHEAD.  Try a 2 Nymph Rig with different sizes & colors, but be sure to keep your fly near the bottom!  Midge activity will increase on all local rivers with the warming temps, so expect some Midge activity at last, & come prepared with your best Midge Pattern.  GEORGETOWN is still giving up some fish to the ice anglers, so if you’re not quite ready to put your ice rods away, try jigging with Swedish Pimples or Maggots.  We’ve heard the action is sporadic, so you’ll have to be patient, but with weather this nice, what else are you gonna do?

eastereggJoin the Easter Sunday Egg Hunt Event around the base of DISCOVERY Mountain, & see what you can find….hundreds of eggs will be hidden around the base area!  This is a fun family event, so come on up….you know you want to get in as much skiing as possible before the resorts close for the summer season!



BOZEMAN suggests the GALLATIN RIVER for the best afternoon Midge hatches in the area, & says get out your Pheasant Tail or Hares Ear Nymphs, & Midge Patterns of course. The wind has been a deterrent on the LOWER MADISON, so not the best of times yet for you fly folks, but Nymphing with Midge Pupa & Natural Colored Beadheads seems to be working just fine!  On the UPPER MADDY, trail your Midge Larva behind a Stonefly Nymph for the best effect…hit the buckets, inside bends & any soft water you can find!  Early Baetis are reported on the YELLOWSTONE, but Midges are the mainstay right now.  Try a Stonefly with a Beadhead dropper & grab the fishes’ attention fast!

Get to the slopes while you still can!  BRIDGER, BIG SKY & MOONLIGHT have all announced their closing dates, & BRIDGER closes first on April 7, with the other two closing a week later. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun & adventure, skiing in this beautiful spring weather!

snakeheadAnd this just in….anglers are reporting sightings of strange zombie-fish in the local rivers.  It’s reported that these ghastly looking river monsters have knife-like teeth & seem to be ravaging the smaller fish they are seeking as food, so if you MUST wade, watch your step!  Toxic leaching from old mines in many areas are possibly the reason for this unsettling phenomenon….I know when you think ZOMBIE Apocalypse, FISH don’t exactly come to mind first, but we just report the facts here….& by the way, Happy April Fools Day on Monday!  Listen again next week for the best fishing advice around for BUTTE & BOZEMAN, friends, from your friends at Bob Wards!

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