Butte/Bozeman Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 3.15.13
By angelamontana

Posted: March 15, 2013

Hi, Angie from Bob Ward & Sons here, & spring is SPRINGING in Butte & Bozeman:

Butte tells it that a few of the area rivers are seeing some early MUD, but overall, most of the water is clear & ready for you!  The WISE RIVER has been excellent, particularly up in the Canyon, on Beadhead Nymphs & San Juans.  Purple Princes or Prince Flashbacks in 12-14 are working as well.  The BIG HOLE has been muddy in Divide Canyon area, however, fluorescent orange Panther Martins & Rapalas have been the go-tos for our spin anglers.  A few Whitefish can be had in the deeper pools in the Canyon Area.  For those of you excited about the Steelhead run up the SALMON RIVER, Blood Eggs with a sz 4-6 Gamakatsu Red Octopus Hook drifting above a lead & tubing weight are getting anglers the salmon hookups they want! Fishing conditions on DELMOE & GEORGETOWN are moderate….aggressive jigging is yielding a few fish in both areas, but exercise caution on these waters in the warming weather!

imagesCAH84KPHSki Discovery Basin while you can enjoy the spring conditions…get invigorated on the groomed trails! Snow is in the forecast for Sunday evening, so get your ski kicks while you can!



Bozeman suggests that fish are a bit finicky in the area rivers until they get settled into the slowly warming waters…so pull out all your tricks to keep ’em interested!  The UPPER MADISON RIVER has been fishing well with larger Midge Larva patterns like 3 Dollar Dips…on the LOWER MADISON RIVER,  nymphing is still the best choice, but you can slow-strip a Brown Wooly & still achieve some positive action!  The YELLOWSTONE  RIVER has been on fire lately,  dead-drifting Wooly Buggers or Stonefly Patterns… the GALLATIN RIVER has produced some spectacular results with Stoneflies trailed by a Baetis Nymph or an Egg Pattern…the river’s in great shape for wading so get out there!  On HYALITE, activity has slowed down, but if you go up, take a wide variety of  lures & try them all…nothing appears to be consistently working at present.

skierGreat white snowflakes have done it again!  If you miss the spring skiing at BRIDGER, BIG SKY or MOONLIGHT, you won’t have us to blame, cuz we say get up on those hills!  62″ at Bridger, 57″ at Moonlight & 54″ at Big Sky make for some fine skiing.  Try it & see if you don’t agree…

Just one word for what’s coming to the stores in the next couple weeks:  BOATS!  You gotta make a trip in to Bob Wards and see what’s new for the spring & summer season in watercraft.  We’ll get you on the water & outfitted for a terrific summer season…c’mon in & tell us what you want.  Talk to you next week!


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