Dining on Roadkill to Mounting Turkeys, Here’s Your MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By OutdoorAly

Posted: March 10, 2013

We have all seen it, and many of us have come in contact with it, but few of us have considered eating it. What is it? ROADKILL. Raise your hand if you think that’s gross. If you have your hand raised, you may not have read one of the most popular posts this week: “Nine Steps to Your First Roadkill Meal.” Still squeamish? No worries just follow these nine steps HERE.

With so much open space in Montana its hard to know what is public or private, and if you can hunt, fish or even hike somewhere off the beaten path. MontanaAngela has brought to light a fantastic resource in a post this week that highlighted a website http://svc.mt.gov/msl/mtcadastral/ which distinguishes public from private land and which type of recreating is ideal and legal there.

Captain’s Column highlighted controversial Walleye management system on the Noxon Reservoir. Read more about the management plan in Cap’s Column here.

With spring Turkey season in full swing, it was fun to read about a taxidermy company specializing in Turkey mounts. If you missed the post earlier this week, catch up here to read about the company The Turkey Roost.

Fishing Summary 

Warm weather around the state has pushed conditions into a limbo between “proceed at your own risk” ice conditions, and water surfaces slow to open up. Ice is okay on Lower Stillwater with perch in the 9-12 inch range.Clark Canyon ice is soft but Ling fishing has really turned on using McFadden Ling jigs also jigging with a little piece of night crawler. Early morning folks in the Helena Holding Reservoir are getting some Kokanee. Butte area anglers are hitting the Big Hole and Beaverhead rivers, woolybugger, zonkers, and sandjuan flies with a bead are working well. Flathead Lake is producing nice trout on the delta off the bottom, 10-20ft of water with bait fish.

Looking forward to next week:

Spring is right around the corner and so is the application deadline for Big Game, stop by any Bob Wards to apply for Deer and Elk license before March 15, 2013.

The Great Rockies Sport Show will be in Missoula, at the University of Montana Adams Center,  on March 23rd and 24th. Listen to The Montana Outdoor RADIO SHOW for a chance to win tickets. Congratulations to this weeks ticket winners Greg Brown of Missoula, and Dan Siemers of Billings. We can wait to see you there!

Another congratulations to Michael Zielinski of Stevensville and Andy Alley of Plentywood.They were the latest winners on the statewide trivia sponsored by Placer Motors in Helena. Connie Rollins of Hamilton was our Montana Club ski pass winner this week, congrats! Be sure to tune in to the Montana Outdoor RADIO SHOW for your chance to win every Saturday morning.

Be sure to tune in to the MONTANA OUTDOOR RADIO SHOW for your chance to win every Saturday morning.



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