Helena Area Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 3.29.13
By angelamontana

Posted: March 29, 2013

Hi, Angie here from Bob Ward & Sons, with where the experts are saying to fish in the HELENA area:

Saturday & Sunday are supposed to be in the lower 60’s, so BANG! Looks like we’re into Spring.  We’re recommending BEAVER CREEK this weekend, where you can wade in or float your boat…the rainbow spawn is ON & the big ‘bows are hungry!  Midge hatches are reported, & fish are finally looking up, for you avid fly guys, but if you just want to bounce your favorite worm off the bottom, that’ll get you some ready results as well!  Black or Purple Leech Patterns have been CHOICE on the MISSOURI, or go with an Olive Streamer…the browns have been hitting darker colored Streamers in shallower water where they are out feeding on smaller fish.  Just like at BEAVER CREEK, midges are swarming on these warm, overcast or partly cloudy days, so throw an Adult Midge Pattern or a Royal Wulff Stimulator & make those browns head your way!  The BOULDER RIVER has plenty of rainbow action these days, & we think a Goldenstone with a Copper John trailer in the faster runs here will be an ideal choice!

helenaskiYou don’t have long now to get your fill of skiing, but both GREAT DIVIDE & DISCOVERY have received a few inches of high altitude snow this week, so the skiing is not to be missed!  Also don’t miss the Easter Egg Hunt at DISCOVERY on Easter morning…hundreds of eggs will be hidden around the base of the mountain for your little bunnies to nab, & the weather will be clear & mild for the event.

And on a side note, we’ve begun getting reports of what anglers are calling “zombie fish” in local area streams…these strange-looking creatures are said to have a set of razor-sharp, sharklike teeth, so if you wade, wade CAREFULLY!  And you thought the zombie apocalypse would NEVER arrive…..Happy April Fools Day on Monday, friends!  Check with us next week for more exciting fishing advice from YOUR HELENA Bob Wards!

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