Montana Fly Fishing Report by Scott Anderson of Montana Fishing Company – 3.12.13
By angelamontana

Posted: March 12, 2013

I was out on the road again this weekend.  I had to take Ollie, my Australian Shepard, to Great Falls, Montana.  You see he had hip surgery and needed rehab.   Well I also needed to go fly fishing on the Missouri River.   It was about 45 on Saturday.  I think everyone was out on the water.  The MO was a packed.   Holter dam camp ground did not have any vacancy!

Luckily I had my wooden drift boat in tow.  I politely asked the bank fishermen if they would mind if I rowed out a bit in the river and anchored up.  You always want to ask here in Montana!  They all replied yes.  I was casting a Mystic switch rod 7wt 11’3” with Midge patterns size 18.   It took about 15 minutes to get the first fish.  The bank fishermen cheered!  Then a few more cast and another.  It was every other cast and I was hooked up on a fish.  The thing about the MO is you always seem to lose more fish than you land.  I guess it is because the trout are huge! I could see the crowd on the bank start to go the other way after I let 6 or 7 trout go back to their home.  I only caught one more and rowed back to the take out and went home!


While driving home I would see some great views of the Montana landscape.   If there is one thing about Montana, it does not matter what time of the year you visit, it is beautiful every day!


It was nice to get home and spend some quality time with my wife and daughter.   We took the dogs out to swim in Finley Flats just outside of Thompson Falls, Montana.  I figured out one thing that day.   IT IS TIME FOR PIKE ON THE FLY!!!!


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