Montana Grant’s Easter Dinner Menu!
By angelamontana

Posted: March 25, 2013

Easter dinner is a wonderful family event.  At my house, we have our annual Easter Egg hunt and something different for dinner. My daughter will not eat ham.

This year we will be serving Montana Trout! I am preparing 3 sauces to top the fried fish filets. Homemade Tartar, a Horseradish/Mustard, and a Roast Pepper Sauce should satisfy all tastes. Fresh rolls will help diners to make a sandwich if they choose. There will be horseshoes, pool, and other events for our family and guests’ entertainment.

As our side dishes, I will prepare fresh Potato Salad and Cole Slaw using my Mother’s special recipes. Family traditions are important. The Cole Slaw is great to add on top of the Trout sandwiches.

My wife, Montana Linda, likes to make baked Sweet Potato Fries. She is creating a couple new dipping sauces instead of just ketchup.

Deviled Eggs are loved by all. To celebrate Easter, we will be placing the hard boiled egg halves into food coloring to create some Easter color. The Yolk filling goes in last.

My daughter, Montana Jessie, will be making a special Pumpkin Cheesecake. It is her boyfriend’s favorite and ours too. She may be making this recipe in a colored cupcake format or something Easter themed. That will be a surprise. My son Montana Kyle just eats and drinks.

Of course we will be enjoying a variety of Montana drinks and home brews. It is important to stay “hydrated” when living in Montana’s dry climate. My wife loves to make infused vodka creations and her latest is cucumber lemon vodka…it goes great with tonic.

As a snack we are making a Bunny Bread Dip. The round bread will serve as the hollowed out belly. The dip goes here. I am using a burger bun as the bunnies’ head and hot dog rolls for the ears. A couple M&M’s for eyes and the face and you have a fun veggie and bread chunk dip.

For the final ultimate Easter themed dessert, we will be making Easter Peeps Smores! Instead of using regular marshmallows to make a campfire Smore, we will use the Colorful Spring Easter Peeps on our toasting sticks! Add the Hershey bar, a dollop of Strawberry Preserves and a Graham Cracker and there you have it.

Just like Elk Hunts, we only have so many Easter celebrations in our lives. Each should be special and unique. Enjoy your special holiday traditions and think Spring!

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