Montana Hotsprings – Don’t miss out on the prime time soaking!
By Kelsey

Posted: March 3, 2013

Well folks, it’s about spring skiing weather, the snow is soft, the legs are burning a little, hot springs are something that need to be attended before it gets to the summer heat! I don’t know about you but after a good day of skiing or ice fishing, the perfect way to end the day is definitely at a natural Montana Hotsprings.There are many to choose from but here are a few of my favorites to share with all of you. Get those bathing suits on!

Montana Hotsprings







The Boiling River – Near Gardner, MT within Yellowstone National Park, this is a great experience of the mixing of a natural geothermal hotspot and Gardner River meet, and create an outstanding temperature for relaxation. This is a spot you cannot miss when in the area. CLICK HERE to view on a map.









Norris Hotsprings – Just a short drive along the Madison River from Bozeman, is a great spot for live music, food and drink. They recently incorporated a camping area.  CLICK HERE to go to their website for more information.








Elk Horn Hotsprings – On the way to this special spot along is the Pioneer Scenic Byway. At a close proximity you can enjoy warm water, skiing and panning for gold in Bannack, MT. CLICK HERE to go to their website for more information.