Montana Outdoor Classes Offered at Lifelong Learning Center
By OutdoorAly

Posted: March 24, 2013


Receive a Smith River draw and not sure how to pack for a week on the river?

Ever wonder why there are shorelines on Mount Jumbo?

Want to spend more time in the wilderness but afraid of injury so far from help?


Dickenson Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula is offering an array of courses for those interested in pursuing outdoor activities with more confidence this summer.


The open space and wilderness areas in Montana provide us a lifestyle that is coveted by many. Unfortunately not all of us are prepared to enjoy the multitude of public land and wilderness areas around us. A day hike or pack trip off the grid can easily turn to disaster if caught in an unexpected situation. Instructor Tony Higuera is offering Wilderness First Aid Training starting in May. The course will focus on assessment of emergency situations in the backcountry and how to provide basic care until medical help arrives.

River Pack

Planning for an overnight float trip can be overwhelming to say the least. More than one night away from civilization and the comforts of home can provide a laundry list of things you may want to take but don’t have room for. What is essential when floating and camping along a river overnight? Julie Casagrande has the answers in her three-hour course offered in April at the Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula. She will cover menu/food planning and prep, pre-trip packing, and best options to pack and unpack campground stays along the way.


Missoula is known for being the hub of five valleys, but did you know it also used to be under water? There are signs all around the valley of this geological history but identifying them can be tricky. Geologist Bruce Baty is knows this history well and is offering a course in how to identify common glacier landscapes in the mountains in Western Montana. He also offers the opportunity to hike with him and learn about the many geological features along Bass Creek in the Bitterroot Mountain Range.

You can register for classes at Emma Dickenson Lifelong Learning Center HERE.

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