Odd Shotguns with Colonel Smoothbore
By Kelsey

Posted: March 4, 2013

4 barrel SG This week we’ll cover a few diverse subjects. First, let’s look at some odd shotguns that have been
produced over the years. We have been studying hinged double barrel guns for the last couple of weeks
and found that SxS and O/U’s are the most common. Over the years there have been 3 barrel, 4 barrel,
and even multi-barrel shotguns that were designed to provide more firepower. Today, Chiappa Firearms
manufactures a triangle configured shotgun called the “Triple Threat.” See the attached photos.

Another matter; recently there have been some comments made by high profile celebrities and
politicians concerning self-defense and personal protection firearms. Regardless of where one stands
on the subject of gun control, firearm safety and gun owner responsibility is of the utmost importance.
Every time you fire a gun, the projectiles that leave the muzzle, whether they are a bullet, buckshot,
or birdshot, are your responsibility and yours alone. YOU will be held accountable for what happens.

tb3Generalizations about what type of firearm is best for self-defense and how to use it are inane. Every
individual has unique abilities and requirements. Seek professional help from certified instructors or
coaches when choosing a personal protection gun. Finally, before you chose to arm yourself with a
firearm for self-defense, I suggest you spend some time considering the following questions that we
NRA Personal Protection Instructors ask our students:

Are you prepared to take the life of another human being to save your own or another’s?

Does your religion permit the taking of a life in self-defense?

Do your personal moral standards permit the taking of a life in self-defense?
tb2Willingness to take a life while defending oneself or family is very different from a desire to take a life.
These are serious, personal decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and frivolous chatter in an attempt
to gain political advantage is simply wrong.

Lastly, a mea culpa; last week I twice misspelled Superposed. I left the “d” off. As a fan of the classic O/
U, I knew better, and I am sorry for the mistake. I recently added another digit to my age count and it
seems that episodes of cranial flatulence are becoming more common each year.


Next week, we’ll begin a review of the guns and games of the clay target sports.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore