Shooting for Friends?
By angelamontana

Posted: March 14, 2013

Have you ever been shooting with a friend, and they just can’t seem to hit their target no matter how much you coach and guide them?  Well, here is a story, from, about a guy that went to the range with his buddy, and he had that exact problem.  Take a look at how he “helped” his buddy out:

I was at the range one day with a friend, and he was in the booth next to me.  I was shooting a Dan Wesson scoped with an 8″ barrel, and he was shooting a Beretta 92.  He was a new shooter…well after he touched off a few rounds, I noticed he hadn’t hit the target.  So, I stopped firing and went into his booth and coached him a bit.  He didn’t  get  better and kept on missing. So, (and I know  this isn’t kosher) I lined up on his target from my  booth and shot each time he did.  He continued to miss the target completely while my rounds were hitting the x-ring (scope helped).  I never told him, and, to this day, he thinks he had the day of his life at the range. He is, however, confused since he’s gone many times since and hasn’t been able to shoot as well as he did that day.

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