“The Turkey Roost” is the World’s foremost Leader in Wild Turkey Taxidermy
By angelamontana

Posted: March 5, 2013

The Turkey Roost is a Missouri-based, family-owned turkey tamidermy shop, and they are known for their “award-winning world-class taxidermy”!  Their reputation is phenomenal, and their work has been featured on the cover of “Taxidermy Today”!

Here is a little bit about the company:

The Turkey Roost was opened in 1998 as a family owned and operated business, with father Rick Morris, daughter Natasha Morris and son Drake Morris. We are unlike any other full time Turkey Taxidermy Studio. We specialize only in mounting wild turkeys in their various natural poses and positions. Any turkey we mount is done to the very best of our abilities and with precise anatomy, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

They have mounted turkeys from all over the world, and have very thorough shipping instructions on their website.  They also have suggestions on where to shoot your turkey and how to handle it after you shoot it.

The Turkey Roost website lists a variety of poses available for your turkey mount including:

  • Full strut
  • Half strut
  • Gobbling strut or gobbling half strut
  • Standing or walking
  • Roosting
  • Flying wall mount or hanging from the ceiling
  • Flying S-shape from the wall or from the ceiling
  • Hanging dead
  • Fighting birds
  • Hens
  • Breast mount
  • Breast mount with wings and feet
  • Back skin
  • Tail and beard plaque
  • Turkey head bookends
  • Painted turkey heads

Additionally, The Turkey Roost also makes “the most realistic decoys on the market”!   Be sure to check out their website for more information at www.theturkeyroost.com .


This is one of their decoys!


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