“Mr Happy” by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: April 11, 2013

(Photo courtesy of Montana Grant)

You never know what will happen when you take your wife fishing. That’s how I met “her other man.” Men and women just don’t see things the same way. We certainly have many differences.

Men have hunting and fishing in our DNA so we use all of our senses to tag out or catch a limit. Our focus is on looking for a subtle rise of a trout, a flask of a swimming fish, or the perfect pool. Our joy comes from having a plan come together. Men are the hunters and women are the gatherers.

Women enjoy the scenery, flowers, and exercise. Their attention to detail is amazing. Every bug, flower, and bird are easily seen as they count the minutes to when it’s time to pack it in. Maybe the next stop will be somewhere to get a cold glass of wine and find a bathroom.

Men are not quitters. Our mantra is “one more cast dear!” There is another perfect pool just upstream. A good man will have all the comforts possible and try to hook their woman up. Dry boots are a must. Stylish attire is also important.

So there we were, me and Montana Lin, enjoying our unseasonably warm day on the Gallatin River. Trout are rising, and we’re catching fish. Everywhere there are deer, ducks, geese, and pheasants. I am planning a special dinner with her so catching a limit is important. She is catching fish too.

During our fishing trip, Montana Lin also found a great beaver football. These are log sections that beavers make by chewing both ends. Guess who gets to carry it?

Suddenly, Montana Lin lets out a shout over a special discovery. Fortunately it was too cold for snakes. She had discovered a most unique find among the millions of rocks strewn around the riverbank.

This is when Mr. Happy became “the other man.” I would have never seen such a unique rock in a million years. Even if I tried, I don’t believe I could ever find another. Talk about finding a “needle in a haystack!”

This special river rock had a perfect face naturally etched into it. One rock amongst a thousand was smiling back at her as she walked along the river, already bored. When we got home, Mr. Happy ended up with a coat of paint to mimic a smiley face. Montana Lin even made Mr. Happy a special nest to sit in. Simply amazing!

We are hoping that this Good Luck rock will pay off with some future good fortune. Oh yea, the fishing was pretty good too.

Tight lines,
Montana Grant

Montana Grant Pic