New Mexico Man Gets into a Fist Fight With a Bear
By Kamp Cook

Posted: April 6, 2013

A 66 year old man got into a fist fight with a black bear, and won. After being woken up by the sound of a pet goat in distress, Henry Ostrander of Valle Escondido, New Mexico found a black bear attacking his goat. Needless to say “the gloves came off.”

According to the Taos News

Ostrander, a historian at the Kit Carson Museum and a resident Valle Escondido said.“I was sound asleep in my long nightshirt when I heard our goat scream. The bear had the goat on the ground and, before I knew it, I’d hit it in the nose.”

Apparently stunned, the bear scurried up a tree while Ostrander and camp director Lee Price carried the wounded goat inside. “By the time we got back out, the bear had left the yard but found a trash can,” Ostrander said. “He sat there munching until ranch manager Bob Rickleff arrived.”