Can You Name the Animal that Left this Track?
By angelamontana

Posted: May 29, 2013
(photo courtesy of Ruth Vanderbout)

Remember the recent story of the wild animal that attacked a dog just outside of Missoula?  (click HERE for that story)   Well, here is a picture of the mystery attacker’s track that Ruth Vanderbout took after the late-night incident.

Ruth’s neighbor believes a bobcat was Ruth’s canine companion’s attacker, as there is what seems to be a claw mark in the middle of the paw pad prints, and the tracks are so small.  Ruth watched the animal “bound” away when she raced to her dog during the attack.  Additionally, the vet said it looked like Jazzy had been “poked all over with the tip of a pencil”.

They are not 100% sure a bobcat is what attacked Jazzy, Ruth’s 40-pound 11 year-old dog, but, they are pretty sure the evidence leads to a bobcat being the culprit.

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