Dog Killed by Coyote in Bozeman
By Kamp Cook

Posted: May 25, 2013

Coyotes are known for being fairly shy around people, they are not afraid to take down the family pet, especially if the pet is threatening their den full of pups. That is what happened recently near the “M” in Bozeman.


BOZEMAN—On Thursday evening, a Bozeman woman witnessed her dog being attacked by animals on her property in the Churn Creek area on the south end of the Bridger Mountains near the “M”. FWP and USDA-Wildlife Services investigated the incident and determined the dog had been killed by two coyotes.


FWP would like to alert residents and recreationists to the possibility of a den with coyote pups in the area where this incident occurred. Coyotes with pups will instinctually be aggressive towards other canines (the same being true of wolves with pups). Therefore, dog owners should use caution and make sure to keep their animals close and under their control when out in rural settings. Further, pets are also subject to other risks outdoors like rattlesnakes and porcupines. Keeping them close is the best way to avoid conflicts that might result in injury or worse.