MORS Weekly Wrap up
By OutdoorAly

Posted: May 26, 2013

Fishing is picking up all around the state this week. Kokanee are biting like crazy on Lake Mary Ronan folks been doing well on walleye at Rock Creek Marina, except when the wind picks up. Large mouth bass have turned on at Kicking Horse, Ninepipe, and Pablo Reservoirs. Holter is still producing trout, and Mary Beth Kibler of Outfitting says this past week they pulled out a 30ft walleye out of Ft Peck. Canyon Ferry Reservoir has risen and is great for walleye and trout.

Spring bear season is still open for another couple weeks, and there have been a couple bears bagged this week. Some areas have met the quota, or are closed. For full information on which areas are open you can go to FWP website.


One black bear was shot to protect livestock near Forsyth, for the full story you can click here. Another  black bear was taken from the Five Mile pack. He was nearly twenty years old. If you missed that popular story you can read all the other details here. Joe Kandelis with Stone County Bear Hunters Association has this week’s Bear Hunting Tip we posted on our site. Here is a link.

There were a few bad run-ins with with wild animals and dogs this week. One woman’s dog was attacked by a wild animal in the Nine-Mile are outside Missoula. If you missed the story the first time and are wondering what kind of animal was the attacker, you can click here for the full story.


Another woman was walking her five dogs unleashed in the Blue Mountain area of Missoula when they started chasing a moose, which resulted in the woman getting attacked when she got between the moose and her calf. The details of that story can be found here.

And the weather took a wild turn in southeastern Montana. The conditions were just right to produce a storm and even resulted in a Tornado storm watch. For more details on that story click here.

Congratulations to this weeks trivia winners Rick Allison of Great Falls, and Scott Arnold of Stevensville. And Allen Cox was our Montana Club gift card winner.

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