Northwest and Northcentral Montana Fishing Report 5/11/13
By Kamp Cook

Posted: May 11, 2013

Hear the fishing reports for the Great Falls and Kalispell areas, from the latest edition of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

Chancy from Snappy’s

Chancy at Snappy’s says things are beginning to happen. If you want to do some kokannee fishing, there’s been some good reports West of town from the ThompsonChainLakes. On the Middle Thompson, guys been jigging and trolling early in the morning getting some nice fish in the 12 to 16 inches range. Pretty good reports out of Crystal,  for those trolling. Still a few guys hitting Hubbard Reservoir and Kookanusa,  getting some decent kokannee and rainbows.  The bass fishing with the warm weather is going good, Chancy was on Echo last week and got some nice large and small mouth bass.  Most of the fish are moving pretty shallow getting ready to spawn.  The Flathead River sloughs, the main river’s high and blown out so if you get into the back ends of the sloughs, like Church and Fennon, there’s been some good bass fishing and decent pike. Rainbow fishing’s still doing well on Hubbard, and the Beaver Chain of Lakes.  A few guys trolling on McGregor along the shoreline with rapalas and cowbells, wedding ring type stuff.  Flathead Lake, if you want to chase some lake trout, been fishing pretty well down around Angel Point in 120 to 150 ft of water trolling flat fish or flashers and flies.  Down in the South end in the narrows, in about 80 ft of water been getting reports of flat fish down in the bottom and doing well.  River fishing, ThomsonRiver’s a litter high in the lower section, but doing okay using flies.  Upper side of the Flathead is out because of the warm weather, and it’s a little high and muddy right now. 


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Leonard from Roberts Bait and Tackle

Leonard from Robert’s Bait and Tackle says Holter is still get trout around the campground.  Piscan is starting to fill up so the bite’s got to be going, Bynum still getting trout and perch, Francis you still have to put in at the East end by the dam but there are some nice walleye and Northerns, Timber has been so so depending on the wind.  Fresno has a tournament coming up in a few weeks. Riverwise been doing good, last report of paddlefish on the 9th at 9pm was 293. Up in Leonard’s area Folks fishing the river, still getting a lot of small mouth bass and occasional sturgeon. If you have any questions or need rod & reel repair call Leonard 406-454-1877.

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