Spring Fishing on Flathead Lake with Mo Fisch Charters
By angelamontana

Posted: May 15, 2013
(photo courtesy of Mo Fisch Charters)

The spring runoff has a major effect this time of year. The runoff adds cold muddy water to the lake, more oxygenated water as well as small fish. I usually will run up to the edge of the stained water and start trying to find fish. Don’t be hesitant to fish right in the muddy water as those fish don’t seem to leave they just get confused. I usually will fish the edge of the stain into the clearer water heading south. The wind will push the muddy water around the lake, so look around and find some water that you are comfortable fishing. Watch out for floating debris.

What to use:
I will fish the downrigger rods near the bottom no matter where or how deep it is. Watch your fish finder and locate the fish. This time of year they will move around in different depths. Also try putting out a couple long lines with a diving Rapala or spoon right behind the boat 200 ft. This time of year there are some fish very near the surface, I call these my bonus lines.
Fishing deep you can try the usual dodger/flasher, houchie combinations, Brads Super Baits; also some spoons can work very well in the stained water, as well a Rapala.

Be very alert for floating debris! Sometimes you only see a twig sticking out of the water that is attached to a large tree just below the surface. Also this time of year pay attention to the weather as it can turn ugly real quick. If there is any lightning in the area get off the water and let it pass.

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(Report by Captain Bob Orsua-Mo Fisch Charters)
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