Ten Facts about Montana You May Not Know
By angelamontana

Posted: May 7, 2013

If you live in Montana, it is for a reason.  Whether it be the landscape, the hunting and fishing or the seclusion.  Everybody has their own reasons for choosing to reside in big sky country.  But, how much do you REALLY know about this incredible state?

See how many of the following facts, from 10-facts-about.com, you can say you already knew:

  • Fact 1:  Montana comes from the Spanish word mountain. 
  • Fact 2:  Montana’s nickname is the Treasure State.
  • Fact 3:  The bitterroot is Montanas official state flower.
  • Fact 4:  The world’s shortest river is located in Montana. (Roe River)
  • Fact 5:  It is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone. (who knew?)
  • Fact 6:  The highest point in Montana is Granite Peak at 12,807 feet.
  • Fact 7:  The official state animal in Montana is the grizzly bear.
  • Fact 8:  Montana is home to seven Indian reservations.
  • Fact 9:  The first inhabitants of Montana were the Plains Indians.
  • Fact 10:  Its illegal for unmarried women to fish alone in Montana. (um…)

After reading Fact 10, it looks like I may have to either rearrange my fishing habits or rearrange my relationship! (ha)

How many of the above facts did you already know?

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