Docks to Be Replaced at Smith and Echo Lake Fishing Access Sites
By angelamontana

Posted: June 27, 2013

Docks at Smith Lake and Echo Lake Fishing Access Sites (FAS) are currently not functional due to age and damage, and they will be replaced by mid-summer. New docks are currently being built locally and will be completed and installed by the end of July. New docks at Smith and Echo will have enhanced access elements and user-friendly features.

Both the Smith Lake and Echo Lake Fishing Access Sites remain open to the public, and boats cans still be launched from the boat ramps.

According to FAS site coordinator Todd Garrett, a temporary dock has been installed at Smith Lake; efforts are underway to provide a temporary dock at Echo Lake as well to cover use until the permanent docks are installed.

For more information contact Todd Garrett at 751-4423.

(Report by John Fraley – Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; Photo:

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