“Gittin Yer Limit” by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 10, 2013
(photo courtesy of Montana Grant)

What is our obsession with “Gittin’ yer limit?” If the sign says “Daily Limit is 5 Trout”, we will pound the water until we reach the “limit.” Never mind how big or small, it’s the limit that matters more than just enjoying the day. “Did you get yer limit?” is the battle cry that recognizes our success.

Limits vary from state to state, pond to river, and fields to mountains. No matter how big the limit is, sportsmen measure success with full creels, stringers, and coolers. For bigger critters, it’s all about gut piles, racks, and filled tags.

“Did ya git yer elk?” is as common a greeting as “howdy” in Montana. One thing that I have noticed when conducting hunting and fishing seminars, is how many so-called “sportsmen” cheat to “git their limit”. Very few stories are without a questionable twist. Trespassing and other unethical practices seem to be acceptable as long as the outcome is a filled tag or limit.

As sportsmen, we must always set the example for other hunters and fishermen. When I am in pursuit of “my limit”, my focus is on the quarry. There is no time to be looking over my shoulder for the game warden. If you follow the rules to “git yer limit”, you don’t have to make up a story that you change later or forget what lie you told. It’s funny how the truth stays the same and is easier to remember.
These legal “limits” are moments when we can say, “I did it!” It is nice to surround our life with special memories, meals, and stories that celebrate our sport. Remember, there’s no limit on how much fun we can have!

(written by Montana Grant)
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