MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By OutdoorAly

Posted: June 2, 2013

What a wet, soggy week it has been around western Montana! We need the moisture, but man are we looking forward to some real summer weather! But a little bad weather never stopped the Captain from getting his fish on. He had a busy week starting at Fort Peck in preparation for the Walleye tournament that happened this weekend. Check out these pics of the Captain, his pal and their giant catches here.

Speaking of the Rock Creek Walleye tournament, we have the results from day one right here on the MORS website. We hope all of you were able to get out and set a hook. The rainy weather has kept a lot of us indoors, and we sure hope you were able to follow our posts all week. If you missed some of these fun stories, I will fill you in.

We covered a lot of odd animal stories this week: A dogs BFF is a deer, kayaker catches octopus, and Boo Boo the burnt bear cub get released back into the wild.


We all know dog is a mans best friend, but this dog has a deer as his best friend! The pictures are heart warming, and you can find the whole story  here if you missed it the first time.


A kayaker fishing accidentally snagged an Octopus. It was a big surprise when he reeled it in, and all the details can be found here.

We had two popular stories about black bears this week. One was hit by a car, and surprisingly bounced right back and took it like a champ, which was captured on video here


And another story about the forest service baby black bear rescued from a wildfire in Idaho was released this week. He was nicknamed Boo Boo, and spend the last eight or so months gaining strength and was released in the wild this week. Check out the story here.

Bill Brown at Bob Wards says the rivers are still high, but The Bitterroot is looking good.

Fishing around the state is picking up. Of course the walleye are doing well at Rock Creek Marina, and Fort Peck fishing is “off the hook” so to speak. Bitterroot Lake is still turning out kokanee.

Congratulations to this weeks trivia winners Tom Selleck from Dillon, and Ed Wurz of Sunburst. And Phil Bertino of Kalispell was our Montana Club gift card winner!

Be sure to keep listening to our show every week for your chance to win!

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