“The Bite” by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: June 8, 2013

Life is a Bite! There is something great about getting a Bite. Oh sure, we all love catching, fighting, netting, and eating fish but the best part is when you feel and see the Bite.

Getting Bites when fishing is great, but this metaphor relates well to all aspects of life.

Think about the first time you cast your best line to a pretty girl or guy and got a nibble. What a great feeling. Our egos grow and so does our confidence.

Not every Bite results in success but the bite still feels good. At least you got a bite and weren’t Skunked. Getting “Skunked” is a whole different article, that we will save for another day.

If you don’t go fishing you will never get a Bite. We have to at least try to get Bites whether on the stream or in life.

So, if life and fishing Bites, then you need to take another cast until you get another Bite. Remember, we learn best from mistakes. The good news is that we get better as we learn more.

So, hit the stream and life with the same gusto. You need to believe that every cast will lead to another Bite.
I gotta go, I think I have a Bite!

Tight lines,
Montana Grant

Montana Grant Pic