MORS Weekly Wrap Up: 3,000 Posts and Going Strong
By OutdoorAly

Posted: July 14, 2013

Whew! What a hot week in Montana! Typical July weather has brought nice sunny, hot days, followed by evening thunder showers. This past week more than 1,600 lightning strikes peppered central Idaho and western Montana on Monday alone. So far, no new fires large enough to report have been spotted. We are sincerely hoping it stays that way all summer.

The week started off with some good reports from Captain and crew at Fort Peck catching everything from walleye to sucker fish. Check out the pictures from their outing here.

Hundreds of fish were found dead in ponds and lakes around Eastern Montana. Find out why these fish were found belly up here Another several hundred were also found at Holter lake, read more here.


Some crazy wildlife stories, one of a wolf chasing a cyclist here, and a moose was hanged from a power line; this bizarre story can be found here.

“The Fonz” fishes in Montana! Did you know actor Harry Winkler loves fishing in Montana? Hey…looks like those thumbs know their way around a fly rod. Check out the details in this weeks post here.

Congratulations to our trivia winners Jen Smithian of Helena and Davey Black of Billings! Keep listening for your chance to win, just like Rob Mount of Missoula who won a Montana Club gift card! Thanks everyone for listening and reading our posts each week on! We just celebrated our 3,000th post on this very website. We promise to stay dedicated to bringing you top notch news and updates on Montana outdoors!