Two More Wolves Trapped and Killed on the Flat Top Ranch Last Week
By angelamontana

Posted: July 18, 2013


“Two more juvenile wolves were trapped and killed by Idaho Wildlife Services on the Flat Top Ranch last week,” is the latest, according to a recent post on the Idaho Mountain Express and Guide’s website (

The article states that Flat Top Ranch’s total number of wolves killed on the ranch is at six now, with the recently killed wolves being about the size of a coyote.  John Peavy, the ranch owner, said that the wolves have killed close to 50 sheep, leaving others to die because their mothers were killed.

Apparently, Paul, Idaho’s Feedlot owner, Forrest Arthur, estimates that this leaves Flat Top Ranch at a loss of $5,000 so far.

Idaho Wildlife Services Director, Todd Grimm, said there are still wolves present and active near the livestock, and the control action to kill on sight is still open.

According to Suzanne Stone, Northern Rockies representative for Defenders of Wildlife, the wolves are drawn to the ranch due to the fact that the ewes give birth in the open “on the range” rather than in enclosed areas.  Stone doesn’t believe there is anything that can be done to reduce conflicts there.  Stone expects her organization to meet with Peavy again to discuss changing methods of operation to deter wolves again soon, but if nothing changes with the way he does things, then next year will pretty much be a repeat of this year.

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