Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Lion Tragically Fall to Death at Glacier National Park
By angelamontana

Posted: August 6, 2013

I recently received a link to these pictures from my best friend on the planet, but I haven’t been able to verify how the incident was discovered.  I did some research to see what other information I could find and didn’t find much more than what was posted on the original site.  Here’s what was posted on

Mountain goat and lion found dead on a closed road in Glacier National park. It seems they both fell to their deaths when the cougar attacked the goat far up on the cliffs out of sight and to the right.

This is actually a bighorn sheep and not a mountain goat, but still.  I can’t imagine walking up to a scene like this.  Tragic.  Check out the following pictures and their captions: (Please note the graphic nature of the following photos–viewer discretion is advised)

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