How to Avoid and Diffuse a Mountain Lion Attack
By angelamontana

Posted: August 7, 2013

puma2I remember hearing a story being told by somebody years ago about a couple of hunters who were out in the woods, and a cat crossed their paths.  Apparently, all of the men panicked and ran while scrambling up different trees.  The lion allegedly became confused and took off not too long after the incident.  Now, I cannot confirm nor deny the validity of this hunting tale, but it is kind of funny whether it’s true or not.

There are, however, some steps you can do to avoid a mountain lion from attacking if you do encounter one that does not run away–and they do not include climbing trees.  A post on tells people what to do to avoid a mountain lion encounter and how to react during an encounter:

  • Avoid an encounter by reducing your chances — do not go into the wilderness alone; take a buddy.
  • If you’re just hiking, and not hunting, be noisy and talkative.
  • Avoid being out at dusk and dawn when mountain lions are most active (unless you’re mountain lion hunting…)

The following tips are to be followed when an encounter with a mountain lion was un-avoidable, and there is a cat in front of you:

  • DO NOT RUN! You will become the prey even if you weren’t intended to be in the first place.
  • If you are sitting or crouching, stand up to your full height, and do anything in your power to make yourself as tall as possible–including holding children above your head, etc.
  • If a cat looks ready to pounce, it’s time to “get loud”!  Yell, scream, growl, howl..anything that makes a lot of loud noise..
  • Apparently, if there was already an attack, you are to not worry about your belongings, and you should immediately leave the area, worrying about your stuff later…

If somebody was attacked, and they decide to stick around because they don’t want to leave their stuff behind, then they are kind of asking for another attack.  That’s my opinion, anyway.

So, there you have it.  Three ways to avoid a mountain lion encounter and four simple things to do in the event you are confronted byone.  I hope nobody is ever confronted by a cat in the first place, but don’t forget to at least try the above suggestions if you are!

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