Note to Self: Spike Bull Elk Do Not Like Balloons
By angelamontana

Posted: August 7, 2013

Have you ever wondered why bulls and cows don’t get their young spike bull children balloons for their birthday?  Well, after you watch the following video, you will know why:

Here is some information from the “About” section of the Youtube video for elk hunters and elk watchers that could prove very useful if you ever cross paths with a spike:

In their second year, male elk start to grow antlers that are just a single tine, and so they are called “spikers” or “spikes”. These spikers are notably rambunctious, undisciplined, and often reckless. Under the influence of surging male hormones, with new antlers to play with, spikers are the cohort most interested in the novel objects I set out. Unlike the young-of-year calves, who also explore these objects much more than the adult females, the spikers response is generally to attack the novel object with their antlers. Here I had set out balloons tied to a tripod. The bolder females briefly investigated the balloons, but this male stayed for 10-15 minutes, eventually popping most of the balloons.

(Cover photo: