Teenager Punches Coyote in the Mouth After Being Attacked
By angelamontana

Posted: August 26, 2013

You may, or may not, have considered the idea of a wolf attacking you while you’re out hunting, but have you ever considered the thought of a coyote attacking you?  The following story proves it is something to consider as a possibility!

A teenager was attacked by a coyote last year while walking his dog on a well-established walking path in New Hampshire.  Apparently, the coyote wasn’t even after his dog.  It attacked the teenager by repeatedly jumping at his neck.  He didn’t even have time to grab his knife.

Granted, this took place back east, and it was apparently the first ever-recorded instance of a coyote attacking a person in the state of New Hampshire, but, it is still a bit unsettling, especially with the threat of wolves already in the back of some people’s minds.  If that were a wolf jumping at his neck, it probably would have have over-powered the teen, due to the larger size of the wild dog.

This is just another reminder to not assume anything when encountering wild animals, regardless of where you live, and ALWAYS be prepared!

Check out the news report of the attack here:

(Cover photo: photosonthefly.com)

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