What to Pack in Your Archery Day Pack
By Kamp Cook

Posted: August 24, 2013

Elk and deer archery season kicks off here in Montana on September 7th. It is time to start getting your gear in order for the hunt. One of my rituals in preparation for the season, is to clean out the gear from last year and re pack the day pack with fresh gear and essentials. 

What is in my pack

2 knives – because one always ends up getting dull from carving my name in trees and from cutting up lunch.

A lighter – essential to anyone who plans on getting out of the truck

Water – keeping hydrated makes hiking a lot easier

A saw – because trying to split a brisket with a knife isn’t always the easiest thing

Trail mix or jerky – fuel the machine carrying you around the mountain

Extra clothing for layer – fall means cold in the morning and warm by lunch. Layer clothing to regulate body heat.

Calls – I carry 3 different cow talks and one bugle (reeds take up less room but require a little skill to use)

Wind direction powder – knowing the wind direction could mean the difference between getting a shot or going home empty handed.

Binoculars – because knowing is half the battle

Check out the following video for more items you may need on your checklist