A Bear Walks Into a Bar…Literally
By angelamontana

Posted: September 26, 2013

Montana definitely has its share of black bears and grizzly bears, and there are always the occasional sightings of bears in our towns, but how would you like to be sitting at a bar, just relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere, when you glance toward the door and see a 300+ pound bear walking toward you–IN the bar?

In Estes Park, Colorado, the bears are apparently becoming more and more accustomed to humans, and they don’t seem to care if we want them around towns and cities or not.  The incident occurred this past summer, and serves as a reminder to the public how important it is to be bear-aware when you are anywhere in the Rocky Mountains and to keep your home and property bear-proof.  If it can happen in Colorado, there is a strong possibility that it can happen anywhere there are bears…

Check out the footage:


(Video & image: youtube.com)

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