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Posted: September 11, 2013


WHEN: Next match is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 21st.  Generally, we will try to hold matches during on the third Saturday of each month, April through October (possibly minus July and August because of fire season). Start time for the match is 9 AM. Match registration will be from 9 to 9:30 AM. The mandatory shooters’ briefing/safety meeting will start promptly at 9:30 AM (PROMPTLY). Only those who have attended the beginning and all of the meeting will be able to shoot.

WHAT: This long-distance rifle match will have a Hunter Class with about 43 targets from 100 to 300 yards (about), and a Precision Class with about 67 targets between 300 and 1,000 yards (about) (optional new targets at 1,337). Participants may enter whichever class they wish – not both classes.

Note: We call this a “match,” but it’s not heavy competition – no prizes or trophies. It’s more an organized opportunity to play with rifles at distance under rules and safe shooting conditions on a challenging course of fire on beautiful property, outdoors in Montana. It’s a chance to learn about and practice distance shooting, under field conditions, with like-minded others. Bragging rights are in order for anyone who shoots this match, especially for the top scorers.

All targets are steel plates, scored hit or miss. Every shot will be scored. No trophies; no prizes. Just shooting.

There are eight shooting positions (designated places to shoot from), with targets at odd but known distances downrange from each shooting position.

Shooters will be squadded into groups which will rotate from shooting position to position. Each squad will rotate after all shooters on the squad have engaged all targets from a particular position. Squads will include Precision Class and Hunter Class shooters.

A time element is incorporated (see below) so that each shooter will not have unlimited time to engage all targets from each shooting position. The time element will be set to be adequate for the usual shooter to engage all targets with a bolt-action, single-shot rifle, plus one minute of preparation time beginning when the shooter is called to the line.

What to bring to the match…There are a number of things that would be good to bring:

  • Eye and ear protection. Of course, eye protection and ear protection will be required for all shooters and spectators.
  • Amplified ear protection. Amplified hearing protection may help in detecting hits on the steel targets.
  • Clothing suitable for the weather. We have requested a sunny, clear, windless match days. But, we live in Montana. Bring what you will need.
  • Spotting scopes. Every squad will need one or two spotters to call hits on targets. It will be a priority for spotters to be able to see well the target being engaged by the shooter, AND for the spotter to be able to follow the time-limited shooter from target to target. Definitely bring a spotting scope if you have one. (Clue: Shooters, be sure to inform your spotter of your intended target engagement order before the clock starts.)
  • Binoculars. Binoculars will be helpful to locate targets once you arrive at a shooting position, especially for Precision Class shooters.
  • Front rests. Not! Bipods are fine, in either class. Shooting over a backpack is fine – what most Hunter Class shooters do. But no mechanical front rests. Shooting sticks are OK – some Hunter Class targets may not be visible from prone.
  • Rear bags. If you want to pack it, bring it along. Some of the precision shooters are experimenting with rear bags filled with something light, such as popcorn, rice, oatmeal, plastic beads or whatever.
  • Family service radios for commo during the match.
  • Non-alcoholic liquids to drink. We’ve asked for warm weather. We’ll see. Bring whatever you want to drink during the match.
  • Bring your lunch (and maybe cookies to bribe your spotter). There will be no specific lunch break. Squad members can stagger eating lunch during the match when not shooting or spotting. We’ll expect this to slow the progress of the match just a bit between Noon and 1 PM. No nap time is scheduled for after lunch.
  • Rangefinder. You are welcome to double-check the ranges to targets we will print on the score cards. We determined ranges with both a Leica and Swarovski rangefinders and split any differences.
  • Spectators, significant others, gun bearers. OK, bring ’em on. The same safety will be required for all, including any gun handling, and eye and ear protection.

For more information on the event, visit  Additionally, check out the news clip below by KECI from 2008 on the event.

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