“Fish Kissing” by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: September 16, 2013

Why do fishermen feel the need to “Kiss Their Catch?” I wonder if the fish even like it. At least in most cases, the fish is released to fight another day. Does a fish have to lick something to get the taste out of their mouth?

The Fish KissI must admit that even Montana Grant has “Swapped Spit” with a few fishy friends over the years. It was OK, and there is photographic evidence to prove it.  I did spit after the events and will not miss this action if I never do it again. Kissing fish is not a desire or need in order for me to fulfill the celebration of the moment. It’s also fine to keep it simple by displaying a quick smile, gentle release, and then on to the next victim.

I have seen dozens of pictures in magazines and on fishing shows showing this “intimate” moment. The kisses seem to be mostly  ”quick puckers” that are short and sweet. There are probably a few “Pervy Purists” that maybe do the” French Kiss” thing! This would not be wise to perform on a “toothed” fish such as pike or bluefish. To each his own but it may be wise to keep your tongue to yourself!

Landing a great fish is certainly a time for celebration. A nice photograph would be of you holding the fish in the current. The classic “hold the fish toward the camera” pose always makes the fish look bigger and is always fun. You can always include companions in the shot. There also seems to be a trend for dramatic close ups. Fish spots are certainly unique and interesting.

Oh, and if you decide to not kiss the fish, you can always “Bite Your Rod” for the shot! At least by Biting Your Rod, you keep your gear out of the water or dirt. Still, how many pictures of fish do you really need?

Every fisherman has hundreds of pictures that show them with “that special fish.” It’s crazy that we do tend to remember every fish, location, and moment. Maybe if my wife took more pictures of her birthday and our anniversary, I would remember those special moments to.

One thing is for sure, every fish caught is worth the time to celebrate. Maybe our photographic skills need to be used more. Keep the Kissing reserved for the kids, spouse, pets, parents, and Grandmothers.

Bite My Rod

Hugs and Kisses,

Montana Grant

Montana Grant Pic

(Content and Photos via Montana Grant)


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