It’s Called DUCT Tape, Not BUCK Tape!
By angelamontana

Posted: September 4, 2013

With Montana being a hunting hot spot destination in North America, when you don’t get the trophy animal you were chasing, or hoping to find, it can be a bit disappointing to some hunters.  But, how far would you go to make your hunting buddy feel better about what he did actually get?

Check out this funny story posted on about some hunters in Minnesota that involves two does, some antlers and some duct tape:

Minnesota conservation officer, Lisa Kruse, responded to a TIP call from a licensing agent who said a hunter had checked and registered two antlerless deer. But, when he pulled away from the store, the agent noticed a doe and a buck in the trailer behind his truck. Kruse drove to suspect’s home to investigate and found two does on the trailer–one of them with antlers duct taped to its head! The deer shooter told the CO that his friends wanted him to feel better about his hunt so they turned one of his does into his buck for the year, LOL.

This is a good deer-camp prank to pull on one of your doe-shooting buddies this fall. (If you do it send me a picture!) Also proves again that you really can use duct tape for anything.

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