Life and Death: Bears, Wolves and Deer
By angelamontana

Posted: September 23, 2013

We put on our camo, and grabbed our guns,

Along with a compound bow;

We headed out early and came home late,

With only a few pictures to show;


Just west of Frenchtown, the deer are still dying;

And the smell was not pleasant at all;

Down by the river, up on the road,

The whitetails were not standing tall;


Moving along, in the Fish Creek area,

There was not much movement to see;

The rain sprinkled lightly, and the water was low,

And so much remains quite green;


Checking out Lolo, the now blackened land,

Destroyed from the recent big burn;

Crumbling chimneys and remnants of homes,

Resemble the contents of an urn;


Back to the west, after doing a loop,

We head to our favorite place;

We know there are wolves, as we saw their tracks,

We are game for a good chase;


Right up the mountain–another track in the mud,

This one came from a bear;

It makes me so happy, as I wasn’t too sure,

It’s just good to see proof of one there;


Eight hours total, not wanting to stop,

But, daylight is fading real fast;

We headed back to our base and were stopped by a view,

Of a field of deer so vast;


Hundreds of whitetails had gathered to eat,

It was an amazing sight to see;

Then we passed by one dead in a field,

And all I can think is EHD…


I will head back tomorrow and start it again,

We have our eyes on another spot;

I have not yet gotten what I am after,

But to give up? I will NOT!


-by Angela Montana

(Photos: Angela Montana)

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