Lightning Strikes just Feet in Front of Angler’s Boat
By angelamontana

Posted: October 14, 2013

Lightning is common in Montana, but it is also VERY dangerous and, regardless of where you are, you should seek cover if you see lightning anywhere around you while you’re out hiking in the mountains or, especially, boating on the water.

Tucker K. Owings, a 16 year-old professional angler, was out fishing on Lake Athens, in Texas, a few days ago, and he saw first-hand just how dangerous lightning is when lightning struck the water just feet from him, and he posted the footage on his Facebook pageKPHO reported the following after interviewing the young angler:

“We were literally feeling what I would describe as static on our rods,” said Tucker. “At that point we quickly started to head to the ramp.

Suddenly, lightning sizzled through the air just a few yards in front of their boat. The strike was captured on Tucker’s GoPro camera, which was mounted on the boat’s windshield.

Check out the footage:

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