MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By OutdoorAly

Posted: October 19, 2013

Fall is in full force around Montana this week. All the leaves are changing and there is a crisp, cool nip to the air morning and evening. Vehicles have started donning trophies from recent archery hunts, and other hunters have been anticipating general season opening, which is only a week away. Both the Montana Grizzlies, and Montana State Bobcats have been providing us with college football entertainment. It has been a fabulous fall so far!

Don’t forget to bring your portable radios out in the field with you to catch Montana Outdoor Radio Show. If you missed the show Saturday morning, you can listen by clicking this link.

We also scoured for all the best stories from the past week and provided links so you can catch up on all the best outdoor news:


Wolf Recovery from Mine ShaftHere is a wolf recovery effort by LeRee, a Montana hunter, after she shot a nice black wolf and tracked him for over a mile….read more HERE.

 Hunters Find Locked Bulls and Use Their Tags to End SufferingAccording to a recent post on the Royal Fate Facebook page, a Montana hunter, Jason Ostler, came across these bulls locked up…. read more HERE.

Up Close and Personal: Bobcat Feeds on Gut Pile in Northern Idaho: Kyle Douglass was in northern Idaho and may have gotten closer to a live bobcat than I would personally care to, but….read more HERE.

Roadkill Salvage Law Not Yet in EffectMontana wildlife officials said today it’s not yet legal to salvage deer, elk antelope or moose killed in vehicular collisions….read more HERE.


World-Record Tiger Muskie Caught in Idaho: Kalinowski, the principal of the local school landed the new world-record tiger muskie on an after-school fishing outing….Read more HERE.

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