Excellent Prognosis for Deer Shot in Snout with Arrow
By angelamontana

Posted: November 13, 2013

According to a post on nj.com, a five month-old male deer was shot in the face with an arrow and somehow managed to survive with the arrow piercing through his snout.  The New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife was notified by Susan Darrah of the incident, and they suggested that Darrah put out corn in her yard to draw the young deer into her yard so that they could tranquilize him and remove the arrow.

That is exactly what happened.

They managed to tranquilize the deer and remove the arrow by unscrewing the broadhead and carefully pulling the arrow shaft out.  The article stated the following:

They removed the arrow, put topical antibiotics on the wound, gave it a shot of antibiotics and then waited for it to wake up. The biologists who did the procedure say the arrow did not damage major arteries or organs and the deer’s prognosis for survival is excellent.

That’s quite a happy ending for this deer, but it also reinforces the importance of being sure of your shot before shooting.  Things happen, and, luckily, this story ended on a positive note..  Who knows…this guy could end up sporting a record rack someday!  Nice work Fish & Game!

(Photos & information courtesy of nj.com)

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