Extreme Home Tactical: Bed Bunkers and Sofa Safes
By OutdoorAly

Posted: November 24, 2013

With news of a recent home invasion near my neighborhood in Missoula, it seems like owning a gun is a better and better idea. But if you already own more than one, these items could become a target for burglars. One company has come up with a way to secretly store your firearms in household furniture. These are three of my favorites:


Rifle capacity with included oak racks 32 single stack 64 double stack using socks to protect rifles.  Capacity up to 30 rifles in a twin and 60 rifles in a queen and larger bedbunker plus numerous pistols and ammo if you take out the easily removable racks. BedBunkers have a 2 hour fire wall to protect your valuables in extreme conditions.



 The TruckBunker secures and conceals your valuables inside the cab of your truck. The TruckBunker accommodates firearms of all sizes, including rifles. The TruckBunker is constructed from aluminum and stainless steel hardware and can also be fastened to your existing seat belt tie downs with installation completed in less than 10 minutes.



The vault is quick and easy to access. Simply remove the three seat cushions and open the two Mul-T-Lock key locks, using just one key for both.  For storage perspective, the safe will hold up to thirty rifles, and other valuables. The safe and couch unit together weigh about 900 pounds.

All these photos and items are on bedbunkers.com. To check out more of these safes click  here.

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