Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward and Sons – 11.22.13
By angelamontana

Posted: November 22, 2013


The deer and elk harvest numbers continue to rise as the season progresses. The deer are in the rut and starting to chase the does and the elk are heading to their winter ground. The result being more and more sightings by hunters and more opportunities for a good take.

Upland birds are getting wild, which means they are getting harder to hold for the dogs. Regardless there is nothing better than watching a good dog work the field.

They are as necessary as your favorite shotgun and just as cuddly.

Water fowl are moving down, there are lots of geese and ducks in the valley and there are still lots of snow geese at freeze out lake.

Remember to check your area for restrictions, closures, and alerts. www.fwp.mt.gov


Holding Helena Reservoir- The fish aren’t really participating due to the drastic changes in the weather. The salmon bite has dropped way down leaving your best results coming from shore using bright or metallic jigs and lures.

Missouri river:- with temperatures way down, there is no need to be on the river too early in the morning, the fish won’t be as active till that good old sun works its magic. But what seems to be landing the fish this time of year are midges and streamers. Midges in olive or black size 20. Streamers try throwing weighted black or olive streamers or wooly buggers.

Hauser Lake- Not too much happening at Hauser Lake but what seems to bringing in the ling are night crawlers and raw meat. The best hours to fish the lake is from 3pm-11pm


Great Divide: GREAT DIVIDE is opening this Saturday, November 23rd and November 24th they will have the Good Luck Chair lift from noon to 4 p.m.. There is a 3,000 ft long run with good cover that is groomed with some fun features and is about 18 inches deep. Rascal Park will also be open and has 5 rails/boxes. Lift tickets will be $20 off; unless you are one of the first 107 people will be $10.00 off.

If you are a beginner you can come on up and try the Backyard beginner’s slope which has the tow rope open….for free!!!

So swing on down and we’ll help you get geared up for opening weekend at Great Divide.

(Report by Ryan Corwin-Bob Ward and Sons; Cover photo: prosportstickers.com)