Western Montana Fly Fishing Report by the Mountain Man – 11.4.13
By angelamontana

Posted: November 4, 2013

Fisherman are still out there having some fun. My preference right now would be Rock Creek and the Missouri River. Once the warmth of the day comes-Congo caddis in sizes 10 and 12 are working on both waters. On Rock Creek you can drop off a # 14 bead head pheasant tail or prince nymph about 30 inches and dead drift it. You may catch the occasional white fish in between the trout catches-but still fun.

We are still seeing October caddis on the middle part of the Missouri and are fishing the Congo caddis with a dropper at times-especially if we get into some pods of fish with an attitude. You may want to use the Congo caddis (or something similar) with #16 droppers-about 10 inches below the dry and at the end of the drift as it goes through the pod-let it swing and get ready for some fish to hit on the light lift up.

Colors of the droppers we are using are: white, olive, peacock, dark red, and bright green. As of last week this was our best technique for lots of nice fish on the Missouri River.

-Mountain Man

(photo: militarymentalhealth.org)

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